• shari wallack

how do you know if you are doing the right thing?

Most people have some sort of family dysfunction. I've experienced my share of childhood neglect, manipulation, and abuse. I have a brother who removed himself from our family decades ago. My parents are good people, but not always who I'd like them to be. And my kids are smart, strong, and sometimes relentless. On my ninety-five day journey, I took the time to discover myself and put some distance between myself and the family. I knew that we'd make peace and be close again, but I wasn't capable of dealing with the drama, which is much of the reason for my road trip. One of my relatives decided to tell me how she felt about my escape. Note: she and I are fine now, and although her words were harsh, I know she was speaking to me out of love and concern. Welcome again Etai Benson and Alexandra Socha, a reading from Chapter 7 - Who Can Turn the World on with a Smile?

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