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i thank g-d for this day and these kids!

Well, you haven't read the book yet, so you don't know about the Strassner fab five, who were the fab four when I came to visit them last July. My mother, Rosalie Strassner Rosenthal, has a brother named Norman Strassner. Norm has one son, Casey. Casey married Melissa and together they have five kids ranging in age from eleven to three months.

In the midst of my depression last July, I flew to North Carolina to begin my cooking and baking extravaganza. These little darlings were thrilled with everything I made. They were excited by the sugar rush of cookies, ice cream, pie, and all of the goodies they don't normally get fed chez Strassner. This is where I started to bake challah and invented "acceptance bread" - tie dye challah, that goes in line with the shirts they are joyfully wearing below. I came back this week to meet the fifth and final in the series - my delicious Adalie Claire! This visit, I was a happier and calmer self, and could truly enjoy the week of family love. Challah-lujah!

From the left: Luke Eli, Leah Madeline, Adalie Claire, Logan Joshua and Olivia Joy

The prayer they sing each night at dinner. Leah was upstairs writing and therefore missing.

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