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"shari, write a book!" she says

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

"Shari, Write a Book!" She Says
Photo by Michael D. Banks

“Shari, write a book,” encouraged my friend and colleague Ruth Schmid. I love to write, but my specialty was always travel articles, as I have spent my entire career in the cruise industry. But a full length book? Where would I get enough material for that?

from hell to challah wrote itself. I simply took the chapters of my ninety-five day corona journey and put them into my computer. Writing the book took three weeks from start to finish. That was the easy part. It all just flew out of my head.

The editing, hiring of a publisher, publicist, illustrator, web designer, and photographer - along with VERY kindly asking friends and even celebrities for endorsements, were the hard parts. But I got it done and met every single deadline. “from hell to challah” is a deep dive into anxiety and what happens inside a mental hospital.

But that is just chapter one. The rest is full of hope, fun, humor, family, baking, and inspiration. It is a love letter to anyone who has experienced loss and depression. On the other side of “hell” I am doing just fine and looking forward to sharing this journey with all of you!

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