• shari wallack

my prevue magazine interview was fab!

So grateful to Regina and Laurel at Prevue Magazine for interviewing me and promoting my story to the trades. Although my memoir will hit home with many people, it will be particularly interesting to see how the incentive travel industry reacts. My colleagues, supplier partners, and clients have all experienced loss. Our jobs were in jeopardy and our careers were hanging in the balance. Some of us left travel for other endeavors . Many of us waited for business to come back, which is has...albeit slowly, and are still gainfully employed in the industry. All of us managed to come through this. The question is - are we better parents, partners, colleagues, clients, bosses, employees, salespeople, and friends than we were prior to March 2020? That is for you to decide, but I say a resounding YES! #challahlujah #buythesea #incentivetravel #fromhelltochallah #prevuemagazine

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