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  • shari wallack

phil and wendy - my comedy support team! grateful for them.

When I finished the book and Radius started editing, they asked me to gather some endorsements. "Don't you know any famous people?" they asked me. Hmmmm. Famous people? "Well, I know Wendy Liebman, the comedian," I told them. "And I went to sleepaway camp with Jon Cryer, from Two and a Half Men," I said. "And I am sorta kinda connected to Phil Rosenthal, from Everybody Loves Raymond and Someone Feed Phil!" I added. But would they be willing to endorse my first book? Hey, it didn't hurt to ask. So I did. They said yes. The rest is history. I am grateful to each of them - and the other special people in my life who agreed to write a positive blurb. #challahlujah!

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