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shabbat shalom

As you already know, I love baking challah for friends and family. I don't charge for them. I even ship them to those who have asked. The reactions have been amazing and everyone has been so appreciative. I got a text from an old friend that read, "I understand you now have a challah business. Can I buy one from you for Shabbat?" Buy one? "No," I said, "but I will be happy to GIVE you one. "Great," she replied. "I will be over Thursday, and let's have lunch together."

Jen came over to pick up the challah. Her son Matt, whom I have known since birth, is now Orthodox, she explained. He will really appreciate this. Orthodox? Matt? Wow!

I listened as Jen caught me up on the family. I hadn't seen them in a while. Ilyssa, the baby, is now at UF. I was there when she was born. No, really....like IN the delivery room holding the videocam, putting cold compresses on her head, and telling her husband to stop acting like an idiot! That is the kind of friends we were. It was good to reconnect.

Challah is the great connector for me. It has brought new people into my life, brought old friends BACK into my life, and has given me a way to reach out to just about anyone. After all, who says no to challah? Oh right... I'll have to try my hand at gluten-free challah so that absolutely NO ONE can say no! Challah-lujah!

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