• Shari Wallack

show some swag!

As founder of buy the sea, I have found that one of the most fun aspects of my job has been coming up with new ways of recognizing our clients and supplier partners. We have found a way to put our logo on just about everything from bags to hats to toiletry bags, towels, backpacks, lanyards, light up key fobs, mice, cookies, passport cases and all things travel related. Following suit, I felt it necessary to create a few specialty items for the book. Why not? These gifts will be sent out with my ARCs (advance reader copies) to the media and those willing to review the book. I am beyond excited! Thanks to my friend Adam Covit for making this happen. (Yeah...I told him he needs to change his name!) If you need someone to customize items for your business, let me know. I will hook you up. Oh...and shout out to Lindsay Rosenthal, my fabulous illustrator and artist for all of the art work. Last one...Caryn! She came up with challah-lujah on my patio. I LOVE IT!

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