• shari wallack

so proud of this interview and jane reilly!

I have to hand it to Jane Reilly, my fabulous and enthusiastic publicist. It's certainly nice to have published a book - but you don't get awareness, nor do you sell copies to anyone other than your friends, if you don't have someone fantastic putting the word out there. So this one is for Jane. I am so lucky to have her!

This is also the first time I put in writing why I started Buy the Sea. I was working for another cruise broker from 1997-2002. Times were tough after 9/11, and that company attempted to renegotiate our agreement, RETROACTIVELY. I wasn't going to be taken advantage of two men, and I gracefully stepped away and started my own company. I am SO grateful to these guys for providing me with the diving board that propelled me into my accidental entrepreneurship. #challahlujah #buythesea #accidentalentrepreneur #fromhelltochallah

Sail on.

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