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phil enjoying grammy esther's blintzes
phil enjoying grammy esther's blintzes

I met Phil Rosenthal when I was fourteen years old. He was a theater student at Hofstra and I used to go to rehearsals for the school musicals with my friend Michael Larsen, of blessed memory. Michael was also a student there and the departmental musical director. Since I agreed to be his "page turner" I didn't have to pay to see the actual performances. It was fun hanging with college students! Many of them are still my close friends.

Over the years I lost touch with Phil. He went on to marry a stunning actress, have two adorable children, and create Everybody Loves Raymond. Most recently he produced Somebody Feed Phil for Netflix. When we reconnected, he agreed to read and review my book. As a token of my appreciation, I fed him. Somebody has to feed Phil, right? First challah, then cookies and finally Grammy Esther's blintzes. He loved everything I sent. I am hoping he will film an episode of Somebody Feed Phil in my kitchen, or allow me to cook in his!

Here are Phil's comments that will appear in the book. Challah-lujah!

“Shari Wallack is a wonderful and charming writer with an eye for the details that

make life worth living. During this lost year comes a stirring, heartfelt, and funny

story of how you can be found. And with her recipes, you’re in for some extra


Phil Rosenthal, creator of Everybody

Loves Raymond and Somebody Feed Phil

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